Throughout the years, tattoo legend Henk Schiffmacher has embarked on a journey, looking for the origins of the old-age ritual of tattooing. This brought him to fascinating places and people, from all over the world.

More than 40.000 objects, their stories and profound knowledge. Collected from all over the world. Brought together out of pure curiosity and respect for the tattoo as intercultural form of art and communication. Henk Schiffmacher did not only make countless pieces of art, he also collected tens of thousands.

After more than four decades this life work, unique heritage, will be valorized, administrated, preserved and made visible and accessible to the public. It will be served towards education, museums, investigation and those who are interested. Why? For the purpose of sharing knowledge worldwide about meaning, rituals and stories before it gets lost. Creating awareness about identity, transience and respect.

The Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage contains Henk’s collection, the corresponding archive and knowledgebase. The foundation’s purpose is to secure, conserve, valorize, borrow and watch over the collection, knowledge, library and craftmanship of Henk Schiffmacher in general for the present and future generations.


In 2017 Henk Schiffmacher was Royally decorated as Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. The awards committee recognized him for his contribution to winning acceptance for tattoo culture in large parts of society and for working to improve hygiene and safety standards. Schiffmacher, his wife Louise and daughters Texas and Morrison are all active in the worlds of art, photography and tattoo.